Please be aware that the accompanying video is disturbing to watch.

Probably even more disturbing is the fact that there are bystanders doing nothing while the beating suspect, LaTia Harris, is punching and kicking a co-worker in front of the victim’s 2-year-old son.

What’s disturbing is not just the beat down and the threat of violence to the 2 year old; but the bystanders doing nothing – and videotaping the event – probably for their own delight.

It’s a syndrome reminiscent of the crime that happened some 50 years ago in Kew Gardens, Queens to a woman named Kitty Genovese – who was being brutally murdered in front of her apartment – screaming for help within earshot of residents who did nothing but close their windows.

In this case, anyone with information on where Harris is is asked to call the Salem City Police Department at 856-935-0057.

That signaled the beginning of what we see today as a breakdown in society where bystanders do nothing to help a victim in distress.

Should they be charged with a crime also?

You wonder whether hate crime charges should be filed since it’s black on white – however there doesn’t seem to be, at this time, any indication that the motivation for the crime was racial.

Here’s another irony. Harris is wearing a hajib – a Muslim head scarf – which would lead one to believe she’s “religious.”

Not so much.

But you wonder: Should the bystanders be charged with a crime for doing nothing?