Police say a Pennsylvania couple made themselves quite at home during a recent burglary in Englewood.

As reported by the Daily Voice, the twosome had a pretty big day. The couple, identified by authorities as Alex Yeakley and Amanda Lentz, helped themselves to the homeowners’ belongings, including jewelry, a wallet, some clothes, and a backpack; they also stopped to have a snack, take a shower, and, police say, possibly even have sex in the home.

This all allegedly happened while a babysitter was home with the family’s young child. Englewood Police Chief Lawrence Suffern told the Daily Voice that it "appeared the pair may have utilized the shower as well as taken other liberties."

The babysitter heard a noise over the baby monitor and thought the homeowner had returned. When she went to check on the sleeping baby, she instead found Lentz, police said. The burglars then left in the homeowners’ Lincoln Navigator, leaving their 2003 Toyota Corolla behind, police said.

The babysitter then called the police and a manhunt ensued. Police tracked the couple to Orange County, New York, by using a stolen iPhone’s “find iPhone” feature, and alerted local authorities. The New York state police and the Blooming Grove police took the brazen (and moronic) couple into custody.

The babysitter and the child were unharmed. The burglars face charges in both New Jersey and New York. The police said they don’t know why the Pennsylvania couple was in the Garden State or why they chose New York to flee.

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