How bad is your cologne? Probably not as bad as this case. So bad that Freedom High School in Bethlehem Pa is asking it’s students to cut back on AXE body spray because a student became so allergic that they had to be taken to the hospital after being exposed to it.



We all have our own scent that we enhance with our own cologne or perfume that gives us that smell that can only be us. Sometimes it smells terrific and sometimes it can be so strong that it enters the room five minutes before we do. How would you like to see “Cologne Control” in the workplace?, the idea being if you come on too strong, your supervisor can make you wash some of it off


Many colognes, after shaves and perfumes have come and gone over the years, which are the ones that you have stayed with because you feel they define you and which are the ones that smelled so bad you had to leave the room. Please share your answer below and as a public service it will not be a scratch and sniff if you print it

You can watch the news clip of the story below.