Arkansas has fired head coach Bobby Petrino over an affair he had with a girl half his  age, and giving her a job on campus. This all came to light when Petriino tried to cover her involvement in a motorcycle accident he was involved in. The former Atlanta Falcons coach is a married father of four and has in a statement said “The simplest response I have is I’m sorry, Those two words seem inadequate but that is my heart.”

Petrino’s  Razorbacks are 21-5 in the last 2 years and are a Southeastern Conference and National power. He’s the kind of coach that can do the same for Rutgers and fill that big stadium. As for his affair, he’s not the first and he won’t be the last.. I bet if we look hard enough, we’ll find many more coaches doing the same thing. In fact there was once a Governor of Arkansas who lied about an affair, only he did it in the White House.


What a man does in his own time is his own business. so long as he’s not committing a crime. He has to deal with his own family. What he does on the field should be the concern of the school. Rutgers has a new President named Robert Barchi and a new football coach named Kyle Flood who is in his first year. They are deciding if it is wiser to spend their money on education or athletics. Should they decide to go athletics. Bobby Petrino would be a wise investment.   What do you think? Please take our poll.