A black bear was found dead on the side of Route 95 this morning and may have been removed illegally.The cub, lying in the left lane near the Route 31 exit, appears to have been hit at a very high speed, possibly by a tractor trailer.

However, Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Bob Considine tells the Star-Ledger that by the time State Police arrived at 7:30PM the body had been removed from the road and points out that state law prohibits the removal or possession of road kill.

There have been no reports of a damaged vehicle or truck.

Considine also says it's not clear the bear is the same one that has been seen around Princeton the past couple of days. It's possible for the bear to have walked the 11 miles from Terhune Road in Princeton, where the bear was last seen.

Princeton Animal Control Officer Mark Johnson says the Princeton bear appears to have weighed about the same as the I-95 bear. He says both bears appear to have the same color fur.



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