Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty called in to Jim's show this morning to discuss the new campaign to assist in the rebuilding of the 1.2 miles of Boardwalk that was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy.

Belmar boardwalk, Facebook

The campaign is called 'Buy a Board" and you can donate in sponsorship amounts from the "Big Kahuna" ($5,000) all the way down to the "Beach Bum." ($25) Estimated costs Doherty said, will be in excess of $17 million for the project. Your name would be listed in any beach location entrance of your choosing.
As the mayor mentioned, it could also make for a great Christmas gift for that Jersey beach lover in your family as well.

To donate or find out more information about the Buy a Board campaign, click HERE.

To listen to the entire interview with Mayor Doherty, click the audio player below