It's "Up-Up and Away In My Beautiful Balloon!"

Balloon Festival poster in the window at my Quick Chek! (Craig Allen photo).

In honor of the "Quick Check New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning" at Solberg Airport in Readington, and our LIVE New Jersey 101.5 broadcasts today and tomorrow...

Just follow the signs to all the Balloon FUN! (Craig Allen photo).

Its "Balloon Songs!"

"Up-Up and Away" was a top-10 hit (#7/1967) for the "Fifth Dimension."

Coincidentally, on a "Jersey Fresh Weekend," Marilyn McCoo was born in Jersey City!

"99 Luftballloons" just couldn't quite make it to stopped at #2 in 1984!

Gabrielle "Nena" Kerner and her 4 band mates hail from Hagen, Germany.

The English version (of this nuclear protest song), "99 Red Balloons" was the "B" side of the 45/single!

Having fun up there? (Craig Allen photo).

On a personal note...

When my grandfather celebrated his 97th birthday, we all celebrated together by doing something he had never done before (us either)...

Talking with my grandfather, just minutes before flight! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...the whole family went up in hot air balloons together!

Its amazing! You're silently floating above it all...and when its over, you land in an open area, and toast your flight with champagne!

I highly recommend going "Up-Up and Away" when you get the chance!

Its a "once in a lifetime" event, that I hope I can do again...

In the meantime, enjoy the "Balloon Songs!"

Can you think of a song or two to add to my "short list?" Have fun, below!

Pilots & Crew "Just Wanna Have Fun," too! (Craig Allen photo).

And, join me under the "Big Yellow Tent" at Solberg Airport in Readington!

I'll be broadcasting LIVE til 3pm today!

Big Joe will be broadcasting the "Big Show" LIVE from the "Quick Chek Festival Of Ballooning" tomorrow (Sunday) from 10am-3pm!

Join us, for all the balloon fun, on site, and on the radio on New Jersey 101.5!