The battle against potholes is well underway in New Jersey, spurred by crazy weather changes that have taken a toll on roadways.

Flickr User Michael Gil

The New Jersey Department of Transportation said the extreme weather changes the state has experienced this winter has worn the road surfaces even more than usual. "Going through that cycle it tends to increase the size of those cracks and then eventually deteriorate the roadway," said DOT spokesperson Steve Shapiro.

Of the 500 personnel the DOT has on had, about half of them are fixing potholes. "Our crews are out there, they are repairing these potholes," Shapiro said.

This year, the DOT has seven new pothole-filling machines that allow them to repair potholes more quickly and safely.  The machines are being used to enhance the traditional "throw and go" method of filling a pothole with temporary material until a more permanent fix can be made in the spring.

Drivers can report potholes by filling out a form on the DOT's website.


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