Soon it will be full on Christmas shopping season. That also means Christmas parking season. Nothing worse than the last 4 available spaces at the mall being taken up by 1 high end vehicle because the selfish owner doesn't want to risk his door getting dinged. That's just one scenario. Some just lack all spatial relation skills. They park like a blind sloth making its way out of a paper bag. We all hate a bad park job. Several of us at work got to talking about this the other day. It turns out our Director of Marketing and Promotions Dave Kirby hates bad park jobs so much that he's made a hobby of taking photos when he comes across them. Check out the photo gallery for some of Dave's pics.

This conversation led us to wonder if could do a little online contest to let listeners vent their frustration with bad parkers. Dave got in touch with the great folks at Ultimate Collision on Route 1 in Edison. After all, they're the guys who have to deal with all the dents and dings that can happen when someone's parked like an idiot and you can barely get back into your car. So Ultimate Collision was kind enough to offer us $50 Visa Gift Cards we can award to listeners who send us the best Bad Park Job Pic Of The Week.

We'll take care of blurring out the license plates. Just send us a pic of the worst park job you come across along with your name, address, and phone number. Pictures have to be your property, meaning your photograph that you took yourself, and by sending it in you're granting permission to use it in an online gallery. At the end of the week judges will pick the best photo and winners will be announced on Monday afternoons on air and online. Send your best pic to or send it through the NJ1015 app. Photos must be received by 5pm Friday to be considered for that week's contest.

Remember there's a $50 Visa Gift Card up for grabs each week. So let the contest begin, and may the best pic of the worst park job win!

Winner must be 18 years of age or older. Limit one entry per person per week. Gift cards will be sent via USPS Certified mail within 2 business days.

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