The father of the 2 brothers arrested for the death of Autumn Pasquale says he is "stunned" by the arrests.

Alonzo Robinson (WPVI TV)

"It's hard for me to swallow it. They're my two little sons," explained Alonzo Robinson to WPVI TV. Robinson said he hasn't seen sons Dante and Justin in a year because it's been 'difficult" to communicate with them since divorcing the boys mother. He didn't elaborate.

Alonzo says he would like to meet with the Pasquale family. "I wouldn't mind going to see them. Not right now but maybe in the future, he said.

WPVI also reports that the Pasquale family may consult with the State Attorney General's office about the response time of Clayton Police.

Autumn's older brother A.J. also posted a message on one of the suspects Facebook pages according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  "I know u won't see this but I'm just letting u know that I am coming for [you] next time I see ur face or ur brother donte I'm kicking ur asses.