A New Jersey online marketing expert believes Atlantic City's resort has not gone nearly far enough when it comes to utilizing digital promotion.


Atlantic City gambling revenue has dropped from a high of $5.2 billion in 2006 to $3.3 billion in 2011. Many feel the drop is a result of a struggling economy and increased competition from neighboring markets, including Connecticut, New York, and Philadelphia.

Ocean City online marketer Ken Wisnefski says AC's casinos have gone down the traditional marketing path, using print, broadcast and billboards.

Wisnefski is founder and CEO of "WebMax." He says one big part of it they seem to be missing is the use of strategies such as, "search engine marketing" and creating what he calls more, "social media buzz".

Wisnefski says, "When you look at Atlantic City and you look at the 'buzz' that is out there, there really isn't any."

He thinks that the stories that persist are unfortunately negative.

He also says, "Their marketing strategies work to promote Atlantic City using tactics only visible to localized markets and there are millions of potential consumers their plans ignore."

Wisnefski says there's a certain resistance to widening the use of digital marketing because of the past success with more traditional marketing strategies, which Wisnefski says are clearly not working for the resort right now.

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