EDITOR'S NOTE: This article has been updated to remove identifying information because the subject of the story was subsequently safely found.


A South Jersey mother says her 17-year-old daughter — a repeat runaway — has been missing for a week without her medications.

"Please help, AGAIN," the Laurel Springs mother wrote in a Facebook post earlier this month — the first of several on the disappearance.

She said her daughter had been missing since early in the morning of Feb. 13 — last seen a little after midnight at a home in Elk Township, Gloucester County, where she'd been staying. According to subsequent posts, she was found on Feb. 15, but went missing again.

The mother told New Jersey 101.5 Tuesday her daughter remained missing.

The teen is described as 5 feet and 5 inches, 198 pounds, with short, dark reddish-brown hair, her mother said. She has an eyebrow piercing and several tatoos on her chest, legs, ankles and wrist, her mother said.

The teen has friends and family in northern and southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Deleware, New York, Indiana and Georgia, her mother said.

The mother said in other Facebook posts that she knows reaching out about a teen who has run away before "is causing a bit of eye-rolling for some people."

"Yes, she has a tendency to run away and wind up in dangerous situations ... but she is an at-risk youth with significant medical issues who is without her medication. Imagine if it was YOUR daughter ... or YOUR son ... or YOUR nephew or grandchild? Wouldn't YOU do anything you could to find him or her?"

She continued: "You might not know all the details of the child's condition — but that shouldn't matter. I guarantee that if I was posting 'lost puppy' with cute, furry pictures, no one would complain!"

As reported recently by NJ1015.com, authorities initially described 15-year-old Nicole Angstadt of Lower Township as a runaway when issuing alerts about her disappearance late last year. Angstadt was later found deceased in the crawlspace of a nearby home, and her death ruled a homicide.

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