Live from the Jim Gearhart Broadcast Facility somewhere in the wilds of the Garden State, it’s me – Ray Rossi, the Jersey Guy –merely a guy with a microphone, transmitter, and internet connection – filling in for Steve tonight.

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1) Poll: do politicians and protestors have “blood on their hands” over NYC cops’ execution? Do you feel it’s open season on police?

2) Should the red light camera program be resurrected?

3) Where’s the worst lot to get a parking spot in New Jersey? Have you gotten into a beef with anyone over a spot this past weekend?

4) Which TV shows would you, or if you have time off, will you binge watch? Which would you recommend me to binge watch?

5) A poll shows that Half of Americans Don't Want Their Sons Playing Football. I feel football’s popularity will start to decline in 20 years. What say you?

6) Poll: Do you believe in God or believe it’s all a myth?

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Here’s today’s Posse Poll: