It says a lot when so many prominent Republicans have spoken out against President Donald Trump’s assertion that there was massive election fraud that would have taken a secret cabal of co-conspirators to pull off. Republican leadership has called Trump’s rhetoric irresponsible and dangerous to democracy.

Among them is New Jersey’s own former Gov. Chris Christie. Here’s a guy who lost to Trump in the primaries when he himself ran then threw his support behind the eventual president. He was involved with his transition. Just weeks ago he helped coach Trump in debate prep for four straight nights which is when Christie presumes he contracted coronavirus which landed him in intensive care.

Even Christie, a supporter to this degree, has more than once come out against the baseless claims Trump is advancing. Makes me realize Republicans backed the wrong guy.

Among the more recent statements is Christie publicly telling Trump either show us some evidence or “move on.”

For the good of the country Trump does need to move on. Instead he’s planning yet more public rallies to decry the election results and falsely claim he won. This divisiveness needs to stop. On both sides, it needs to stop. There are a lot of steps to that. One step is for Biden voters to stop posting memes mocking Trump leaving the White House and to remember that half the country is feeling as concerned as they were four years ago. AOC is even talking about leaving politics after the Democrats’ poor showing, which tells you the idea of a far left socialist agenda is NOT where they need to be. Biden voters need to have some humility with that in mind. Another step is for Trump voters to stop buying blindly into conspiracy theories and cool their own rhetoric.

But the first step needs to be Trump growing up and graciously conceding an election that by all measures of reality appears to have been legitimate and fair.

He could take a hint from a story Chris Christie told in an interview after he lost in the primaries. He related his failed White House bid back to something his grandmother once said to him. He had been studying hard for a test in school in a subject he was struggling with and he told his grandmother he prayed to get a good grade. When a poor grade came back, he asked his grandmother why God hadn’t answered his prayer. His grandmother wisely told him God DID answer his prayer; God answers all prayers, but that sometimes the answer is no.

The sooner Trump accepts it the sooner we can work on coming together again.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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