We had a lively conversation on Speaking Podcast this week as Spadea, Jessica and Jay discussed whether the world would ever go back to pre-pandemic commuting.

Jessica said she expects to be working from home until 2021, and Jay is quite comfortable writing at home and helping produce content for the rising demand for TV programming. We did bring in Jay’s wife, Kristina, to talk about how difficult it is having Jay in the house all the time.

Life during stay-at-home orders has changed for many people. Jay, as a stand-up comedian, has probably had the most serious impact on income and lifestyle. Comedians around the nation are now trying to figure out what life and their careers may look like in the coming months and years. Despite the peak of the virus passing in April, even in the hottest spots in the US, people are still afraid to get back to normal. Not gonna have the same experience if people are in a comedy club wearing masks and socially distant.

It’s a shame that just as stand-up was making a huge come back in clubs across the United States, the shutdown crushed an industry that brought smiles to so many. The good news is we will continue to produce content for your entertainment through thoughtful, funny and irreverent conversation.

Enjoy the latest episode!

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