A 30 year-old high school teacher in Pleasantville, Atlantic County, has been accused of having sex with a male student. She was arrested and could face years in prison.

The unusual part of the story is that the student is a legal adult over the age of 18. So what's the crime? Don't worry -- prosecutors found two. Official misconduct and hindering prosecution. She apparently told the guy to delete any texts or emails detailing their tryst.

This seems to be happening with more frequency and with more female teacher than male. That could have something to do with the fact that there are far more female teachers in schools than ever before. It could also be that with electronic media and communication there is far more evidence left behind than in years past. This has happened for decades, even millennia, dating back to ancient Greece. But let's stay in New Jersey. It happened when I was in school and sometimes it was exposed and dealt with and sometimes it resulted in a marriage after the student graduated. I know of three such cases in my area.

In this particular case, what is different is that the student is not only of consenting age, which is 16 for those not in a supervisory position, but is over the age of 18. Should she be fired, disciplined, rehabilitated in some way? Those are certainly fair questions that should be handled by the school system and the persons involved. But today we arrest them, plaster their images all over media, social and mainstream, and vilify them like Victorian era scoundrels. Their behavior is out of bounds, improper, unethical and perhaps immoral, but totally human.

There has always been an attraction of this nature and will continue to be. As a society we've apparently decided to paint these people with a scarlet letter for the rest of us to judge and impugn. I'm pretty sure the young man wasn't damaged by the affair and in many cases it's a confidence booster that will last him a lifetime. For the teacher it's another story. One that will play out in local media for the next couple of years...stay tuned. I know you will! Like the rest of society you just can't get enough of this stuff.

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