Another Alternative Treatment Center has been given the go-ahead to begin growing medical marijuana in New Jersey.

David McNew, Getty Images

“Compassionate Care Centers of America Foundation of Woodbridge is the third facility that’s been given this award- the first was in Montclair, the second was in Egg Harbor,” says State Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd.

She points out this gives patients around the state additional flexibility.

"We have some additional geographic diversity – it’s a good next step in terms of the ongoing implementation of this program.”

The facility in Montclair has been having growing problems, while the Egg Harbor center is scheduled to begin dispensing late next month.

Critics have complained New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana program has been moving ahead much too slowly, after it was created three-and-a-half years ago.

About 1,200 patients are currently registered in the program, but that number could grow as more facilities begin to dispense medical marijuana.