Rider University decided to ask its students what kind of fast food would they like to have on campus. The winner was Chick-fil-A! Easy, dilemma solved, let's get a Chick-fil-A on campus for the kids.

Not so fast. Didn't the owner of Chick-fil-A oppose gay marriage according to his Christian beliefs? Yes, and in 2012 when "the mob" heard about this, they decided to organize a boycott, which backfired and caused the fast food chain to gain more customers and popularity.

They were just named the nation's favorite fast food restaurant for the third year in a row. They have an excellent reputation for service and courtesy and their employees are the friendliest workers you've ever encountered in any retail operation. They don't discriminate against gay people in service or employment and they welcome everyone. BUT the owner doesn't share the exact same political beliefs of the modern progressive orthodoxy, (which is more intolerant than any religion I know of) so THEY MUST BE PUNISHED!

They're a good company. The students want them there. So what exactly is the problem. The problem is the virtue signaling, narrow minded intolerance of the academic elite who've spent far too much time in the cocoon of their sheltered, fragile world. They're far more concerned about what message they would send to a handful of bitter, intolerant radicals who might shatter their world with an online campaign filled with the same vile nonsense they preach every day in college classrooms around the country.

Before spending a dime on any university education on your kids or yourself, think about the people who run those places, and if their values and logic align with yours. If they do, great, spend away! Spend over $100,000 for an indoctrination that will take years of real world experience to undo. Unless of course, you decide to be part of a college or high school faculty or administration. In that case you'll fit right in.

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