There are still plenty of Jersey Fresh veggies available at you local farm stands and supermarkets. One vegetable you won't want to pass up even if you think you don't like 'em, is the eggplant. New Jersey grows some of the best in the country and you will love them made this way.

My Sicilian maternal grandmother wasn't the most creative cook in the world, but one dish she passed along to my mom and then to me was her eggplant patties.

They had so many of them in the summer she had to come up with different ways of cooking them, other than eggplant parm or grilling them.

Even if you're not an eggplant fan, you'll probably like this dish. It's kind of the same recipe for making meatballs, only you're using eggplant. Simple, yet somewhat time consuming, but try it!

How to make delicious eggplant patties

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