The art of celebrity impressions can be lucrative. People have made decent livings being Michael Jackson impersonators, Elvis impersonators, etc. Our fathers and grandfathers enjoyed a guy named Rich Little who did dead on impressions of Johnny Carson, Jimmy Stewart, Richard Nixon and darn near anybody famous back then. In more modern day we have actor Kevin Spacey who doesn't make a living at impressions but does killer ones of Katherine Hepburn, Al Pacino and many more. There was even a guy I got to know back when I did a show in Detroit who did such a perfect Jack Nicholson that he would get lost in the character and stay in it while hitting bars and concerts all around town and fooling many people into believing it was really him.

All that being said, I can't say for sure that our son Cooper has a future in the celebrity impersonation business. After all he's only 6 months old. But I will say he's off to a great start. He's been working on a Gilbert Gottfried laugh and I think he has it down. Check out this amazing video!

(Special thanks to Kylie Moore for helping Cooper capture this magic.)

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