One week, fifteen states and 3,000 miles. My road trip across the Midwest was one to remember. Of all the things I learned, one thing stands out in particular. After seeing the way people drive throughout the country, New Jersey drivers are hands down the most aggressive. I took my New Jersey driving mentality to states like Missouri and Arkansas where people aren't in as much of a rush as we usually are.

You don't get honked at when the light turns green. Drivers in the other lane have no issue letting you in front of them. We even had a truck in rural Kansas ask us to pass him because he was slowing us down.

Imagine that in Jersey? It'll never happen! I ended up adapting to the way people drive out there by the second day. I must say, it was refreshing. Once I got back into New Jersey, however, it was business as usual. Literally, the second I got into the state, after hearing the rudeness of the toll collector, it was time to start driving like a true New Jerseyan again.

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