From time to time, here at New Jersey 101.5, we invite you to join a walk to raise funds for a worthy charity...this time, I am asking you to join me on one of my "world famous" walks, just for fun!

On a nice day, when I have the time, I like to get outside and soak up the sun...and get some real outdoor exercise. Sure, I lift weights, and I run at the gym, but fresh air and sunshine trumps all!

In the past, I have taken you on some of my regular walking routes around my home ("Random Photos from Everyday Life").

This time, let's go for a walk "out in the country" by my mom's place. There are some out-of-the-way roads, a winding creek, and some interesting buildings to check out!

"Here's your sign!" Actually, TWO! In the distance, A third! (Craig Allen photo).

Right around the corner of the top picture, the road drops down into a flood plain, as noted above...

There are lots of signs...for an out-of-the-way road! (Craig Allen photo).

...and one encounters a little, old stone bridge...

NOTHING is vandals with a (bad) sense of humor. (Craig Allen photo).

...that crosses a small, meandering creek.

The view of the creek to the right. (Craig Allen photo).

A nice place to stop and relax...and listen to the babbling brook.

The view of the flowing water, to your left, off the stone bridge. (Craig Allen photo).

Just past the bridge, off to the right is a boarding stable...a "horse farm."

All the horses are inside, at the moment. Figures! (Craig Allen photo).

And, just so that you know...even out in the "middle of nowhere,"

EYE C U. (Craig Allen photo).

"Big Brother" is watching!

Across the road from the stable and rolling green pastures, is the original brick home that "owned" all this acreage.

This "brick's mighty, mighty" has seen better days. (Craig Allen photo).

My mom tells me that a high-powered judge "from the city" used this as his "country getaway," many moons ago.

About 20 years ago, a developer bought a large chunk of the farmland for a "song"...

I "shutter" to think what this land would sell for now! (Craig Allen photo).

...and grew a whole "crop" of houses "down the road a piece."

At the fork in the road, I hang a right, and continue on, passing on my left...

Do NOT enter...and that means YOU! (Craig Allen photo).

...another "No Trespassing" area. Yes, that is what the posted sign above the door, reads.

A little ways further, to my right, I encounter a place where "trespassing" is encouraged...especially on Sunday...

An idyllic  country church. (Craig Allen photo) I pause, and have a few quiet words, before continuing.

About a quarter of a mile further, to my left, I spy something that ALL guys could love...

"Now, THAT's a pile of dirt!" (Craig Allen photo). an excavation site, complete with "heavy machinery!" YES!!

It's wayyyyy bigger than the toy version.! (Craig Allen photo).

At the end of this road, I hang another right (and you would be "right" in guessing that I am walking in a big square). About another quarter of a mile of great cardio brings me to...

It's not exactly a waterproof storage area! (Craig Allen photo).

...another building that has seen better days.

This building looks like it is right out of "Alice In Wonderland." (Craig Allen photo).

And, how about the above "fixer-upper?" Interested?

Upon closer inspection... (Craig Allen photo).

Maybe...not so much. Although the guys with that "pickers" TV show...

"One man's junk is another man's treasure." (Craig Allen photo).

...might find a "treasure" or two, inside. MIGHT.

Let us continue to your left, you will see another rundown building...

There's no one in the "office." Don't bother to leave a message. (Craig Allen photo).

...that in it's better days, served as a construction company office! It's present condition would not say good things about any builders!

Next door, is another (less) rundown edifice, that deserves a look-see...

"Once upon a time," it was a house. And, before that?  (Craig Allen photo).

It comes complete with an unofficial historical marker:

And now you know...the rest of the story! (Craig Allen photo).

Wait...look the upper, right hand that a...?

GHOST! Call the gang in the "Mystery Machine!" (Craig Allen photo).

Just kidding. "Move along...there's nothing more to see here!" LOL!

We will walk this winding, side road for about another 10 minutes, enjoying the fresh air...

"Stop and smell the" NOT rose(s). (Craig Allen photo).

...and "greenery."

Still not roses. But, NICE. (Craig Allen photo).

We hang a right at the next intersection...and the second right, is my mom's road.

Thanks for walking with me! I hope that you have enjoyed the fresh air and exercise...and the much as I have.

Excuse me, as I head inside for a nice, cool, glass of ice water.