2012. What a year it has been! I need a REST!

It has been an eventful 365 days for all New Jersey residents!

For me, both professionally and personally!

Its been a busy year on-air at New Jersey 101.5! Lots of weekend and holiday shows playing "Jersey's Favorite Hits." Filling in as the engineer for New Jersey's First News at 5-am...and then the rest of the morning with Jim Gearhart! "Ask The Governor," too, from time to time! Plus, a lot of other behind-the-scenes "stuff."

Then, there was "Hurricane Sandy." On-air coverage to help prepare for the worst...5 days with no power at home...the on-going cleanup...taking your calls on-air and off-air. Helping one another...

Did I mention Election Night?

I celebrated 10 years on-air at New Jersey 101.5 during Thanksgiving Week! This is now the longest stay at any radio station in my career.

And, just celebrated my birthday a few days ago. One of those "special" birthdays with a "0" on the end. I'm in denial...heavily.

And, I haven't even mentioned all the projects I work on that aren't radio-related, in my "spare" time.


I think I need to sit back, and put my feet up for a few moments!

Just...not on THAT couch...at the top of this article!

Oh, wait......I can't slow down just yet....

Lets ring in the New Year together, tomorrow night, starting at 7:00!

I'll put my feet up, on January 2.

Who am I kidding?

Really, its the 7th. More behind-the-scenes stuff to kick off 2013...

Happy New Year?!


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