Jeff and Bill discussed a topic yesterday about  annoying public behavior. You know the public behavior they are talking about. The behavior that is SO annoying that they should issue fines for it.

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But what if NJ COULD issue tickets for annoying public behavior? Do you realize how much money the state could make? Jeff & Bill issued a challenge to the listeners regarding what annoying behavior should police be able to issue tickets for. Here's a list of what the listeners came up with.

  • The woman who apparently has never been to a McDonald's drive-thru before and has to read the entire menu before placing her order


  • The guy who doesn't even begin to think about finding change in his car until he's already pulled up to the toll booth


  • The old person who insists on writing out a personal check to pay for everything, even a newspaper at a QuickCheck


  • The cashier who won't consider ringing up your order until they're done with their personal cell phone conversation


  • The buffoon who has no idea his left turn signal has been on for the last three miles


  • The store employees who take their smoke break within five feet of the entrance


  • The driver who's pet dog is a lap accessory


  • The store clerk who's answer to "How you doin'?" is, "I'm blessed." )


What are your favorite public annoyances that should have a fine assigned to them? Keep the list going by commenting below.