There was a great speech given to the 2014 class at Rutgers University but there's no video of it. There's no audio to listen to. There is only a print version of it.

Rutgers University
Rutgers University (Townsquare Media)


This speech did not come from Condoleezza Rice who declined to speak at the University. It isn't from former Rutgers football star Eric LeGrand or former NJ Governor Tom Kean either.

This great speech came from a column by P.J. O'Rourke in the Daily that gave a sobering look at what some of those happy Rutgers graduates will be looking at the Monday morning after they graduated.

While there are a handful of Rutgers grads that were celebrating their big "win" of stopping Condoleezza Rice from speaking at the commencement, O'Rourke knocked them down a few pegs on the reality ladder soon thereafter in this column.

Give it a read in the link above and let us know your reaction to the article.

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