Every time a list is put out on the best pizza in New Jersey, the Star Tavern in Orange is on the list somewhere. My family and I went to Montclair Sunday to visit my son at Montclair State, and since Orange is a lot closer to Montclair than Jackson, I decided to make the pilgrimage to the Star Tavern and try their pizza.

Bill Doyle photo
Bill Doyle photo

We ordered two pies, one pepperoni and one pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom. The first thing you notice when the pies arrive is how impossibly thin the crust is (which I like). As a whole, both pizzas were extremely good. Plenty of cheese and the pepperoni and sausage were both flavorful. My wife is convinced the mushrooms were canned, but I am not so sure.

Their “large” pizzas are not huge, but big enough. The four of us had no problem finishing off both pies. The atmosphere was pleasant and the service was good enough, but the star of the show (no pun intended) was the pizza, and it was excellent.

If I had to give it a rating, I would give four out of five stars.

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