New Jersey has a new celebrity, and she’s only five years old. Juicy Juice, the popular children's beverage company recently had a nationwide competition entitled the “Juicy Juice Happy Artist Contest” in hopes of finding a new design for their juice boxes. According to an article on, the competition was launched in January to allow young children to get creative and explore their artistic talents. Parents with children entering were told to have their kids draw something that made them 100% happy to go along with the theme of “Happy Artist.” Out of over 1,300 entries, Helena Zou of Ridgewood was chosen as the winner.

When Helena’s parents decided to have her enter the competition, she described going to the beach with her sister and dad as something that made her happy. From there, she grabbed her paper and pens and created a beautiful scene of her enjoying a beach day with her family. Helena’s parents were extremely proud of her drawing, as they agree that beach time with family is what makes her happiest.

So what did Helena win? Well, aside from her rise to fame throughout New Jersey, her work will now be featured on Juicy Juice boxes for the next year, and her parents received 500 dollars to go towards more art supplies for her. Helena’s parents explained that she has always had a passion for art and when it comes to inspiration, takes from her own ideas. Her drive to create unique art has just begun, and with these winnings there is much in store for 5-year-old Helena.

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