We spend up to 40 hours per week and sometimes more, not with our friends or relatives, but with co-workers. These are people we didn't choose or inherit and sometimes things can get pretty annoying, no matter how close you may be.

Vapourcore.com did a survey of the most annoying co-worker habits and this is what they've come up with...

43% ...Offensive body odor. It's bad enough if your job stinks, what's worse is if the people you work with do too. You should be able to say something, if not, I would burn garlic incense.

31% ...Ignoring e-mails....That is annoying, but as long as your writing them, you're covered if they're not answering should the situation escalate.

30% ...Not washing up. You know who you are and it's disgusting. What's worse is when they run out of soap or towels in the rest room.

26% ...Messy desks. As long as I don;t have to work at it. I don;t care what it looks like.

21% ...Interrupting when people speak, Sometimes we're so pressed for time that we don;t have time to hear what you have to say. Besides what we have to say is so much more important.

So if you really want to annoy at work, don't wash, even after using the restroom, don't answer e-mail, don;t clean your desk and never let anyone finish what they have to say.

You probably know someone who fits all of the above and can't understand how they get named "Employee of the Month."

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