In times like these here in New Jersey and all over the country, when people can barely afford to put food on the table or drive to the store, it’s amazing to me that the Legislature continues to find a way to ignore the real problems we have and continue to turn out laws that side step the real issue we have here in the state — which is, of course, property taxes.

New laws are proposed in New Jersey 24/7, and none of them will ever fix the property tax issue until we get to the real heart of the problem: overspending on too many districts and too much administration. But I digress.

Four potential laws have recently surfaced in NJ and they are the same-old same-old: Feel-good laws that look good on paper and help no one.

They are no different from the typical New Jersey laws. They accomplish nothing and they avoid the real problems we have here in the state.

But these four are even more maddening in this particular economic climate. It’s kind of a slap in the face to have laws like this presented when people can barely commute to work because of gas prices and Inflation.

For your reading pleasure, here are the new NJ law proposals. Do we need this right now?

Child Tax Credits

This law was proposed just this last month and would benefit families who earn under $80,000 annually. If enacted, the law will provide families with children under 6 who are in need with $500 per child. This proposal also wants to give these families other forms of relief. What we really need is to COMPLETELY stop giving money to people every time they have a baby.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Free school meals

Free lunch waivers are set to expire on June 30; however, NJ officials are pushing to restore the bill for families that are in need. Families would now have to qualify for the aid instead of getting it as easily, however. Well, this is a step in the right direction. Let’s make it more difficult, not easier, to get money for nothing. The last time I checked a loaf of whole wheat bread and a jar of peanut butter was a nutritious meal and is affordable to everybody

Lawsuit against gun manufacturers

Several gun control measures are being pushed right now, but one is moving ahead more than the rest. This bill allows the state to file public nuisance claims against members of the gun industry in an effort for better and more strict gun measures.
How people who are involved in an industry that creates a legal product could be responsible for mass shootings is beyond me.

Guns obtained at the Oct. 23 buyback events. (Office of the Attorney General)
Guns obtained at the Oct. 23 buyback events. (Office of the Attorney General)

No more 'illegal aliens'

This bill will give unauthorized immigrants a more humanizing referential term that does not include the word “alien.” According to the sponsor, the word “alien” also adds to the stigma that immigrants are made to feel and invalidates their contributions. I mean — look it up in the dictionary. Or should I try to make the word “Grandma” illegal because it makes me feel old?

attachment-illegal immigration

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