This has happened to at least five people I know. And no wonder. Last year it happened to 119,427 drivers in New Jersey. One of the most petty citations a police officer can issue. Obscured license plate.

The frame, most often put on by the dealership, that surrounds your license plate very slightly covers a small part of the wording "Garden State" or "New Jersey" and bam, that can be a $55 ticket. Complete nonsense considering the important part of your license plate is fully visible and any officer can still see that it's a Jersey plate. So why all the tickets?

The president of the NJ Coalition of Automotive Retailers doesn't see a problem with it. "Someone with an obscured plate (charge) invariably has been pulled over for another reason and given a break. I know this from personal experience. I know the frame on my plate was compliant. I was grateful for the officer saying slow down."

Jim, I'm sorry but apparently you don't know what the word invariable means. That means it never varies. I'm here to tell you this isn't always the case. I have known people who were pulled over solely for their frame around their plate. No other reason. Now granted police could have just been using that to get a look at the driver in a profile stop, but is that any consolation? So no, it's not true that a person never gets pulled over for this alone. It happens.

Think about the money involved here. At $55 per ticket and 119,427 issued last year, that's $6,568,485. Yes, over six and a half million dollars a year out of New Jersey drivers' pockets for something that completely does not matter. No wonder people are tired of living here.

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