This morning privacy, fraud, and litigation rounded out today's show. On today's morning show we discussed NJ Transit invading your privacy by listening into your calls. Also, we had Bruce Afrin call in to give us an update on the efforts to stop any building on the Princeton Battlefield location. Congressman Tom MacArthur is called in to discuss how many Sandy victims were not getting what they deserved.

 NJ Transit Listening in on your calls

As you are having a private conversation with your doctor on NJ Transit, someone’s listening in to your call. It’s New Jersey Transit! I don’t know if they are actively listening. Are they recording and listening? Do  you have an expectancy of privacy?  One caller says it takes a very specific skill to know what you are listening to. This is fraught with peril. ACLU should sue NJ Transit until a cause that is proved that the commuters are being kept from harm’s way. I can’t imagine recording commuters will do any good.

What do you think? Do you support NJ Transit listening in to your call? Cast your vote below.


Bruce Afrin: Princeton Battlefield Destruction“Moving further away from history”

Although, Princeton Battlefield desecration may be unavoidable, Bruce Afrin is still salvaging the remaining rubble of Princeton Battlefield. Recently, Afrin has filed for an injunction for the desecrated ground.  One main concern examined was the history behind the battlefield.

“The further away we move from history, the worse it will become,” says Afrin. He wishes to stop the destruction and gain a court hearing. Currently two appeals are going under the planning of ordinance. Listen to the full conversation below.

Tom MacArthur calls for FEMA resignation

Congressman Tom MacArthur is calling for the director of FEMA to resign. The congressman believes that if the director isn't holding anyone accountable, then someone needs to hold him accountable for not taking care of this.

"By shining a bright light on it, I hope to do two things: One, get a fairer deal for the people that have been taken advantage of. And two, I want hearings. I want to know who directed this because there has to be some accountability."

My question is -- Why would FEMA lie? There has to be more motivation there. I am very happy Congressman Tom MacArthur is out there making sure NJ residents don’t get defrauded. If someone is being defrauded we need to bring that to light.

Hear my full conversation with Congressman Tom MacArthur below.

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