This video was posted only days ago and has become a viral sensation. But before you feel how artistic it is, before it makes you believe in romance again, you should know something.

The idea seems to be this: ask 20 total strangers to be part of an artsy project filmed in black and white where they are indiscriminately paired up and asked if they would share a first kiss on camera. The awkwardness yields to what seems to be true passion and maybe even romance. And perhaps for some of them it is.

But the something you should know is this. According to CNN, it was commissioned by Wren, a Los Angeles based clothing company. And some of the people in it are models and actors. Now that's not to say they're still not strangers. They were indeed strangers to each other. But it's not like they were just plucked off the street for some social experiment. Wren was even tweeting out the video to promote their new Fall 2014 fashion line. No word on whether they were checked for herpes before the filming.