For those of you who have been living under a rock and therefore haven’t heard, Dennis and I will be performing our first show ever at the legendary Basie Center for the arts in red Bank New Jersey on Saturday, May 2. (Oh, and because I’m not to proud to throw in a cheap plug, you can still get your tickets at Ticketmaster or at the Basie Box Office)

We’ve been in the planning stages for a while and we’ve had meeting after meeting, hoping to put together a really fun evening. A lot of you probably know that I have a serious problem with stage fright, so even though I was an actress for years, before any live show I’ve ever done I always have anxiety for months before. This time is no different and like many things in life that scare us, the accompanying nightmares can be frightening, too.

These kinds of dreams are known in the world of theater as “the actors' nightmare” and they’re pretty common. They usually involve the actor walking out on stage and completely forgetting every one of his lines. (And I’ve had that one too.) Below is a list of just some of the nightmares I have had about Dennis and Judi: Unplugged. I wonder if any of them will come true.

  1. Governor Murphy showed up and made us us charge a 40% entertainment tax at the door.
  2. Dennis finally punches me in the mouth.
  3. Some of our scary listeners came and made us listen to all the things they wanted to say on the air but never had a chance to.
  4. We found ourselves absolutely speechless.
  5. People showed up looking for Pitbull or Bernie Sanders because we joked that they would be our special guests.
  6. Steve Sweeney showed up to settle the score with us for trashing him nonstop.
  7. We showed up to the Basie Center for the Arts and it was the wrong date and we missed the show.
  8. We showed up at the Basie Center for the arts on the RIGHT date but they wanted us to do color commentary for the Westminster Dog Show instead.
  9. I accidentally walked out on stage with no clothes on (and no one even appreciated it).
  10. We found out that we really weren’t best friends, after all.

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