As New Jersey colleges begin their new semester, many students are questioning why they're even going in the first place. Some of us would prefer to hit the ground running after high school graduation instead of using our salary to pay off a student loan.

I asked my listeners who was working a high-paying job in New Jersey that didn't require college and we came up with quite a list.

Here are some high-paying jobs you can get in New Jersey that do not require a college education:

Health Care consultant

Mike from Newark said he's making $200,000 in this field.

Mortgage consultant

If you can sell in New Jersey, you can sell anything anywhere. Frankie from Pennsville is making $160,000 a year after starting out working at a bank.

Elevator mechanic

The definitely has it's ups and downs (see what I did there) but one of the ups is the $90,000 salary, Joe from Toms River told us.


After a five-year apprenticeship you can make $49 per hour, especially if you get in the union, according to Wayne from Hamilton. You can also make lots of friends on the construction site that can lead to more work. Another great benefit is the money you'll be able to save by fixing thing at home.


Car carrier driver

While you're checking out the cars they're hauling, check out the fact that these guys apparently make about $85,000 per year!

UPS Driver

Who knew Doug Heffernan made a King of Queen's ransom in this job? You work your tail off but you can make $85,000, another caller said.

Public adjuster

They not only work out the best deal for you, but can make $64,000 a year for themselves in the process, Steve from Cherry Hill said.

Radio or television

Many people think you need college for this but you really don't. That's why so many broadcasting schools are able to get you started quickly. Once you're in, it depends on how hard you work and how hard you work at your craft. Those that stay with it and grow in the field make six-figure incomes, plus there are lots of opportunity to make side money.

Mobile App Developer

John from the Parkway said his 18-year-old son developed an app and is making so much money — hundreds of thousands of dollars. He's trying to talk his son into going to college. I suggested he had junior simply buy the college and give himself a degree!


No matter what the times are like, people will always pay to eat, drink or be entertained. If you can sing, play an instrument, or tell a joke, the sky's the limit. But again it all depends on how hard you work at it.

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