The judge in the George Zimmerman murder trial has dismissed jurors for the evening and Fourth of July holiday.

Defendant George Zimmerman, co-counsel Don West and jury consultant Robert Hirschhorn appear in Seminole circuit court (Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images)

Judge Debra Nelson released jurors Wednesday without the prosecution having rested its case as it had hoped to do by day's end. Testimony is set to resume Friday. Jurors will remain sequestered during the holiday break.

Prosecutors presented testimony about DNA evidence taken from Trayvon Martin's jacket, as well as evidence of Zimmerman taking a criminal justice course in college that included course work covering criminal litigation and legal aspects of self-defense.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and says he shot the 17-year-old Martin in the chest last year to protect himself as Martin reached for his firearm during a fight.


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