Smart phones are a great item to have, especially when emergencies crop up.

Or unusual events.

Like kids doing crazy-ass things…which, in retrospect, might not be so unusual.

But it’s all part of growing up, isn’t it?

A couple of questions here.

First, were you as much of a risk taker as the kids you’ll see in the accompanying videos?

In one, a group of kids jump onto subway tracks and play a game of, what we used to call “chickey” , with an approaching train…missing death by mere seconds…much to the horror of startled passengers.

What amazes me is that throughout this whole ordeal, no one, especially the picture taker, takes the time to call the cops!

They’d rather take part in the unfolding drama.

Would you have continued to take the video in the face of the unfolding drama, or have stopped the camera and called the cops?

Here’s another.

Dopey ass kid riding on the side of the train, again to the amusement and horror of passengers wondering if, when the train approaches a bridge spanning the East River, the kid will fall off.

Again, no one calls the cops.

Instead, Cecil B DeMille goes right on taking the video, and another passenger is overheard saying, “…if he gets hurt, do you think he’ll hold up the train?”
Laughable, but sad!

Posse poll: If you’re taking the video taker, do you….

Put the camera down and call the cops.

Record the event for posterity!