I'm puzzled by people who consider themselves "liberal", but wouldn't know liberty if it hit them in the face.

Liberal has come to mean something completely different than what it really is. Liberal comes from the word liberty. The liberty to do as you please as a free person as long as it does not directly harm others. So let's begin. The most common issue for liberals over the last 40 years is abortion, the right to choose. The right for a woman to choose to abort a pregnancy. "My body, my right" is the battle cry.



Then why isn't it your right to smoke weed or snort cocaine, collect money for having sex with someone or drive a car without a seat belt? I don't qualify for an abortion, but I'm ok with you doing so. I don't use drugs, (or drink to get drunk for that matter), but I'm ok with you doing that. I don't engage in prostitution, but I wouldn't stop you. I don't care if you buckle up or talk on your cell phone (or put on your make-up when you drive) as long as you don't harm others. But most liberals would stop at abortion.

You're not a liberal, you're just over-emotional.

Next up, the latest reason to call yourself a liberal: gay marriage. I like most gay people I know. I don't care what you do in your personal life with another consenting adult. It's none of my business. More importantly, it's none of the governments business what you or I do in my personal life. But if I want to get married (generally a function of religious institutions) I have to get permission from the government in the form of a license. This started in some states here in the U.S. to prevent interracial marriages and later, health concerns, with the enormous influx of immigrants from poor countries with high rates of disease.

Now, we're just used to it. We expect that it is their business to do so. It's not. I know a guy who got divorced 30 years ago and still pays his ex-wife alimony. $600 a month for the rest of his life. She has had three live in boyfriends who have helped support her and she has worked steadily since their divorce. But because of our "marriage laws", she is also entitled to half of his pension.

He is almost 70 years old and still works, because he can't afford to retire! Also some guy in a robe told him how many times a week he could see his own children! He is a good man and a great father. Do you want more people subjected to this kind of indentured servitude?

You're not liberal, you're just over-emotional.

I just met a gay guy two weeks ago, who told me he just got "married" on a cruise ship to his partner of three years. They exchanged rings, read vows to each other and the captain of the cruise ship toasted their union. I asked if they did it legally in one of the states that recognized it. His answer: "Are you crazy? I'm two years away from retiring from the state. I ain't giving half of my pension to anybody!" I liked him. I agree with him. I don't want the state having any control of his personal life and liberty. But a "liberal" would.

Liberals of today always preach tolerance, yet seem to be totally intolerant of any opinion that disagrees with their own. Go to any college campus and watch a "conservative" speaker get shouted down and shut out by the "liberal" student body.

You're not a liberal, you're just over-emotional.

How about welfare? Back in the 1960's President Johnson began "the great society". It was meant as a safety net to rescue people from poverty. More people are in poverty than ever before in this country, since this started by the way.

Well intentioned? Maybe, but it has produced multiple generations of people who can't fend for themselves, have multiple children out of wedlock, low self-worth and self-esteem, very limited expectations AND a sense of entitlement to be taken care of by the government.

It's been a disaster worse than a plague, but to stop it would be considered uncaring and cruel. It would be a struggle for some, but it would be the best thing for their dignity, their future and their offspring. AND it would free them from the dependence on government. A liberal wouldn't agree. You're not a liberal, you're just over-emotional.

I could fill a book with examples of government "helping" people that actually take their liberty and that of others, and their money. But most "liberals" like them. Living in a truly free society with limited government and opportunity for all takes courage, hard work and strong will. But the rewards are great.

Today's so called "liberals" are cowardly, short-sighted, closed-minded, emotional and mental weaklings who don't deserve liberty. Ben Franklin said, "those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." He said many wise things in his remarkable life, but those words were probably the most profound. So called "liberals" should have it tattooed on their foreheads, so every morning when they look in the mirror they would have to be reminded of it.

If this applies to you, You're not a liberal, you're just over-emotional!!!