Video by NJTV News, originally aired Nov. 19.

News broke yesterday that a black alumna of Kean University — on campus to take part in a rally about racial issues — has been accused of Tweeting death threats against black students.

And your reactions were of disgust and sadness.

The Union County Prosecutor's Office alleges Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24, of Union left the rally on Nov. 17, went to a computer in a school library and created an anonymous Twitter account where she wrote messages including "I will kill every black male and female at Kean University" and "the cops won't save you ... you're black."

The school kept classes running the following day but stepped up security and issued warnings, and told students they could attend classes at their discretion. That day, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness hosted a session of violent extremists.

McKelvey — a former president of the Pan-African Student Union who also had spoken at past campus rallies on racial issues — was charged Tuesday with third-degree creating a false public alarm.

Some of the responses we saw Tuesday on our Facebook post about McKelvey's arrest:

Paul Gibilisco: She tweets out that she is going to shoot and kill people, terrorizes the entire school, professors cancel class, thousands of students don't go to class in the following days, the university has to pay overtime in police manpower, and she only gets charged with third degree creating a false public alarm the same charge as falsely pulling a fire alarm? The Union County Prosecutor needs to charge her accordingly or have the state handle the investigation.

William M. Donnelly: False flag. Not surprising.

Tom Love: Akin to a fireman pyromaniac. In the woodpile all along. Sick.

Dave Barton: Sad when someone so desperately wants to believe something is wrong, that they create the issue themselves. It's like a hypochondriac wanting so badly to have something to complain about, that they throw themselves down a flight of stairs. This woman needs psychiatric help.

Joyce Ann: do NOT think the charges are appropriate AT ALL !! she did A LOT more than just create a false alarm. Kids were afraid to leave their dorms; parents were worried about their kids; classes were cancelled; all the law enforcement called in, the searches, etc.

Kathy Gronau: Joyce, you are correct. She should at least be made to pay restitution to all of the law enforcement agencies that wasted their time and money. The charges are completely ridiculous.

Screen shot of threats made against Kean University (Twitter)

“We are saddened to learn that the person allegedly responsible was an active participant in the rally that took place on campus on Tuesday, November 17 and is a former student of Kean,” read a message from college president Dr. Darwood Farahi. “As a diverse academic community, we wholeheartedly respect and support activism, however, no cause or issue gives anyone the right to threaten the safety of others. We hope this information will begin to bring a sense of relief and security to the campus community.”

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