Tonight is March's edition of NJ1015's 'Ask the Governor' with host Eric Scott.

Governor Chris Christie at South River Town Hall (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

As is custom on the day of the 'Ask the Governor' Jim opens up the phones for listeners to leave their questions Governor Chris Christie.

Below is a list of the questions NJ101.5 listeners had for the governor:

"Will NJ look to get rid of civil service? If so, when would this happen?"

- Sherri, Columbus

"Why does New Jersey keep losing court cases?"

- Mark, Blaristown

"Why can't we have more than 1 cable company in a certain area?"

- Arlene, Somerset

"Would NJ homeowners have the ability to get a permit to use firearms during home invasions?"

- Danny. Jamesburg

"Why do we tax retirees who get out-of-state pensions?"

- Dan, Old Bridge

"If the state is responsible for education, why aren't teachers considered state employees?"

- Tom, Halmetta

"Can the governor intervene on the Parkway widening project? Why can't there be barrier walls on the Parkway?"

- Michelle, Belmar

"Why would the governor veto legalizing marijuana for personal when it could help the economy?"

- Carol, Howell

"Why isn't the construction being done in Normandy Beach being completed on time?"

- George, Normandy Beach

"Why aren't there grants for summer or part-time home owners when we pay taxes?"

- Fred, Jackson

"Why is there an exit tax for people selling their houses?"

- Charles, Blairstown

"Can state employees opt out of pension system? If they can't, why not?"

- Alan, Greenbrook

"Why did you take away cost of living for retired police officers?"

- Jim, Southampton

"Why don't we limit land development along the shore lines?"

- Stan, Wall