Memorial Day was never much of a day to be celebrated as much as it is a day to commemorate those who’ve sacrificed their lives in service to this country.

And while we can’t overdramatize the fact that thousands have given their lives in service to this country, war movies – whether they be anti-war or rallying cries to stir the public’s support of the war effort – have always been a favorite genre of the moving going public.

I used to love watching war movies with my dad on Sunday afternoons. It seemed that Channel 5 had the best war movies – since most, if not all of them were World War II centric.

Movies like “Run Silent, Run Deep”, “God is My Co-Pilot”, and “Destination Tokyo!”

However the latest crop have driven home war’s uglier side.

Recently a poll had been taken by amctv as to the 20 greatest war movies ever.

There are many others down the list that are unforgettable.

If you could, choose a war movie between one of an earlier era (50s through 80s); and one of a more recent time, which would you choose?

1 Saving Private Ryan


2 Platoon


3 Full Metal Jacket


4 Black Hawk Down


5 Patton


6 The Bridge on the River Kwai


7 Apocalypse Now


8 The Dirty Dozen


9 Tora! Tora! Tora!


10 Midway


11 Sergeant York


12 Stalag 17


13 Letters from Iwo Jima


14 Kelly’s Heroes


15 The Big Red One


16 A Bridge Too Far


17 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo


18 All Quiet on the Western Front


19 The Green Berets


20 Good Morning, Vietnam


Do you have a favorite war movie – recent vintage or of a bygone era?