This morning on the Jim Gearhart Show, Eric Scott, who was filling in for Jim, asked listeners to call in with questions and topics for tonight's edition of 'Ask the Governor.'

Here is a list of questions that listeners wanted Governor Christie to answer:

Rita from Robbinsville called in to explain that she was furloughed by her company, and wanted to talk to the Governor about how it is impossible for her to receive her unemployment.

Nelson from Allentown wanted to know if the governor is reinstating the cost of living on the pension plan for police and firemen.

Michael from Edison asked if the governor has any thoughts on making New Jersey a 'right to work' state.

Stanley from South Carolina called in to ask why Governor Christie signed the bill that enables illegal aliens to receive in state college tuition rates.

Elmer from Keyport wanted to know what Christie's decision is on the NY, NJ, & PA transparency and accountability act.

John from Jersey City had a suggestion for the MVC, and thinks that people who register cars should have to show proof of insurance when registering their cars.

If you have a question for Governor Christie, be sure to call in tonight at 7 pm, or leave your question in the comment section below.