It's looking like the idea of casino expansion is going to be shot down in New Jersey and I really don't understand why.

If casinos were so bad, then why are our neighboring states putting them up, thus creating competition for Atlantic City? In light of this competition, it really doesn't make sense to have all our casinos in one place.

Why not limit the number of casinos allowed in the state but expand the area where they could go?

Right now there are eight casinos in Atlantic City. That's not only a lot of competition, but you're also not getting a lot of people to make that long trip since there are casinos in the bordering states closer, not to mention online gambling.

What if New Jersey raised that number to 10, then designated expansion to where they could go, provided the towns agreed to their coming? Of course those towns would build in what would be in it for them, in the way of police forces and so forth. This could allow some of the Atlantic City casinos to move to other more lucrative areas and level the gambling playing field.

Fewer casinos in Atlantic City could bring in more people for other reasons. Isolated casinos in places like North Jersey, Asbury Park, or Camden could bring more people to spend money there as well as take revenue away from their New York and Pennsylvania competition.

If this were a slot machine, I see two wins with the other still spinning for your opinion.

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