Younger members of the U-S labor force are getting hired again, after suffering their biggest jobs downturn last year.

We are talking about the 16 to 24 age demographic here. In 2010, that group experienced its worst unemployment since the recession began, with more than half out of work. Reports indicates an estimated 650,000 younger workers have found employment in the past three months, according to government statistics.

Economic analyst Patrick O'Keefe of J.H. Cohn in Roseland says younger hiring in the past three months has been greatly ramped up, but he cautions we do still have to be concerned when one out of every six of them is still unable to find a job and is probably still experiencing an extended period of unemployment. He says some recent college grads, unable to find employment in their particular area of endeavor, have also been taking jobs on the lower rungs of the employment ladder, thus bumping some with high school diplomas or Associate's degrees.

But is the so-called, "lost generation" now found, employment-wise? Some experts worry that because many are the last in the door, they could be the first out of the door in another downturn.