A young Franklin Township girl is undergoing treatment for rabies after being attacked by a raccoon as she left a nursery school.

The Somerset County Department of Health in a statement said its captured the raccoon and testing by the state health department determined it had rabies.

The girl was scratched in the face by the raccoon around Nov. 6, the health department said. The girl's name has not been disclosed.

Officials are warning Franklin Township residents to report any animals they see acting strangely to the Franklin Township Animal Shelter at 732 873-2500, ext. 6255, or to the Franklin Township Police Department at 732-873-2300 on evenings and weekends.

“If you are bitten or attacked by an animal, do not delay in reporting it to the health authorities,” said Somerset County Health Officer Dr. Paul Masaba. “Rabies is a serious illness that can be fatal in humans without treatment.”

If you are bit by a raccoon or any animal the New Jersey Department of Health suggests you wash the bite area with soap and water and to get immediate medical attention. A pet that is bitten or scratched should be taken promptly to a vet.

The New Jersey Department of Health warns that all areas of the state, including urban areas, are prone to rabies in raccoons, with about 280 cases annually.