Easter Sunday wasn't the same in our family this year. My daughter, the youngest of three and the social coordinator of all holiday and family things, is in Thailand. When she booked the trip late last year she didn't realize that her excursion started on Easter weekend. She booked the trip with a group called "Under 30 Experiences."

She didn't know anyone on the trip but was told there were about two dozen people on the Thailand tour and they were from all over the country. She left Dallas/Ft. Worth Friday afternoon, connected in Atlanta and took off for the 14 hour flight to Seoul South Korea, with a remaining six hour flight to Bangkok. She texted us in Seoul to let us know she landed safely and within a few minutes informed us she just met a girl that's on the same tour heading for Thailand and....you guessed it, she's from New Jersey!

Turns out when they got to the tour group and the hotel, they were assigned as roommates. The young woman grew up in Westfield and now lives in Hoboken (of course) and they hit it off right away. Whew! If my only daughter is going to be on the other side of the world in a strange country and very different culture with strangers, it is a comfort that she is with somebody from the Garden State. Just knowing there is some kind of "home connection" is some comfort.

Wherever you go in the world, chances are there is a Jersey connection with someone on the train, in the hotel, on the plane or in this case, running the tour. Yes, as it turns out the tour organizer in Thailand, Tim, moved there nine years ago from..... New Jersey!

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