Are you ready for Big Blue's Big Game?  Is your bank account?

According to a new survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association conducted by BIGinsight, Americans are expected to spend a total of $11 billion on total Super Bowl spending.

The average game-watcher expected to crank out out $63.87 on merchandise, clothing and snacks.  That's up from $59.33 last year.  The average is expected to be much higher here in New Jersey as many fans in Central and North Jersey are now in the process of purchasing Giants apparel and party supplies.

Here is how the Super Bowl spending breaks down:

  • 71.3% on food and beverages
  • 8.6% on apparel
  • 6.4% on decorations
  • 2.4% on a new HDTV or furniture

27% of Americans are expected to attend a party with about 15% throwing a Super Bowl party.

This years Giants vs. Patriots big game is forecast to be watched by a record 173 million people, with 3/4 of that group saying the commercials are as entertaining as the game.