Unique delivery services are popping up everywhere to satisfy the "I want it now" attitude of today's society.

AP Photo/Google

Shoppers can get whatever they want from wherever they want, as long as there's an online marketplace servicing their area.

Through the power of groups such as DeliveryCircle, consumers can get anything from groceries to dry cleaning to takeout from restaurants that wouldn't normally deliver.

"It's a crowd-sourced delivery model where we use drivers in the community," said Vijaya Rao, CEO of DeliveryCircle, adding that a background check is conducted on every driver.

The company recently entered the South Jersey market. Merchants can also use the service as their primary delivery option.

"It opened up a lot of opportunities for local businesses to compete with the larger companies," Rao said.

The company prides itself on offering "same-day delivery at a second-day price."

Even alcohol delivery is an option for certain parts of the state. Minibar extended its services to northern New Jersey late last year, from Hoboken to Fort Lee.

"We've seen, month over month, almost a 50 percent increase every month since our launch in December," said Kathryn Fokides, director of marketing at Minibar.

Shoppers can type in their address, find a liquor store in their area that's willing to deliver and search the shop's inventory. The online prices are the same as in-store, and delivery is free, but a 20 percent restocking fee is charged for any buyers who aren't the legal age.

"You are carded upon delivery," Fokides said.

Minibar has discussed bigger expansion into the Garden State, but Fokides said it's a "careful process" when taking on new stores, making sure they have the right staff and inventory.