There is the old idiom about never letting the fox guard the henhouse. It rings true with a governor who decides to spend a million dollars of taxpayers' money in hiring a high priced law firm to investigate himself then having himself 'cleared' in the Bridgegate scandal.

Is anyone dumb enough to believe this? There wouldn't be a single accused person ever convicted of a crime if we accepted people investigating themselves, now would there. It's farcical. Especially after Christie had months to address media reports and inquiries that his administration may have been linked to the lane closures at the GW Bridge. Months to ask Bill Baroni why he was stepping down. Months to actually look into the rumors. How did he handle it instead? Made jokes about it. Made a mockery of reporters' questions. Called the media 'hysterical', which is a tactic to make those accusing you seem crazy for even raising the very question.

Perhaps those of you who have been cheated on by a spouse are familiar with this tactic. It's often used by guilty people. So only once the emails are discovered by the 'hysterical' media which proved the orders came from his administration did Christie then vow a full investigation. Only problem is you can't honestly investigate yourself with any credibility at that point. Nonetheless, he spent $1 million of your money doing exactly that. The investigation by high priced attorney Randy Mastro was called 'comprehensive' even though the most major players in the whole ugly mess were never interviewed like Bridget Kelly, Bill Baroni, David Wildstein for examples. It concludes, of course, Christie knew nothing. I could have told you that would be the conclusion the moment Christie announced he would investigate himself. Duh. What about the money though? How do you feel about paying for this song and dance?