What will Justin Bieber do next? Between making making his fans wait three hours in London and in Iowa, saying Ann Frank would have been a "Belieber", and urinating in the mop bucket that someone else would have to clean, now comes Justin Bieber's latest douche-baggery: according to Gawker.com, while visiting the Great Wall of China, Justin Bieber was intimidated by the steepness of a certain section of the wall so he had his bodyguards carry him to the top.

I know I wouldn't have wanted all my mistakes chronicled when I was young, but Bieber has passed through the phase of "youthful indiscretion" and gone into full "jerk" mode. His screw ups now have a sense of entitlement to them; I was particularly galled by the peeing in the mop bucket episode, probably because I've had to use buckets like that and I know (and Bieber had to know, too) that someone would be tasked with cleaning up Bieber's urine. As far as the Great Wall incident, let's remember that he's 19 and probably will never be in this good of shape for the rest of his life, yet he still made his bodyguards put him on their shoulders to carry him up the stairs. Pathetic.