The rest of the world is about to get yet another glimpse into what life is like in New Jersey. A new reality show is being shot as we speak and for the rest of this week in Woodbridge. The show is called: "Real Barmaids".

According to,

The concept of ‘Real Barmaids of New Jersey’ is five mid-to-late-30s bartenders, all super good-looking, who have been doing this for many years and now are trapped in this world, trying to get out. But the money is too good, and due to life circumstances, they can’t get out, even though they would like to,” Stanulis explained. “They’re all nutty as the day is long. They’re good-looking ladies who still party like they’re 19 years old, still getting into fights with other groups of chicks and themselves on a daily basis. Some don’t like each other, so there’s a lot of infighting, which makes for interesting reality TV.

Time will tell if "Real Barmaids" catches on. Jersey-based shows like "Jersey Shore," "The Real of Housewives of New Jersey," and others certainly found an audience.

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